(my last trip to the soapbox on this topic:)

To friends and acquaintances who complain they’re still suffering from post election stress disorder: Our feelings are shared by many millions of Americans struggling to recover from the horror we experienced when we awoke 11/9  (reverse of 9/11, and just as tragic for our country).

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Trump presidency?


How can I be looking on the rosy side of what would be an absolute disaster for the country? For the world?

Actually, I’m not the only person from the progressive school of thought—not the only “rational” to whom this thought has occurred. I’ve heard it expressed by other people who’ve given this some consideration.

This idea arises out of the frustration—maybe desperation is more accurate—of conscious Americans who recognize the lunacy in our political system is a symptom, not a cause of this country’s disease. Not all conscious Americans, but a few us are entertaining the idea that this might be the time
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Okay, one complaint: Excellent customer service I can do without

“He shouldn’t have told you that!”

That’s what the customer service representative for the phone company explained to me when I called to ask about the discount I was promised the day we switched our mobile phone service over to the same carrier that provides our home phone service. The move was made, in part, because of the savings mentioned by the sales person Continue reading

What I don’t miss about the ‘old days’

When we begin to wax nostalgic, thinking about all of the things we miss from the old days–either a generation passed, or just a few years ago–I like to remind my self of what I do not miss.

(Watch for the companion blog–“What I Miss About Times Gone By”)

• Carbon paper; and typewriters for that matter

• Smoke-filled rooms, restaurants and theaters

• Pay phones

• Parking on the side of the road and changing a tire (even though it happened only every couple of years or so)

• Arranging toilet paper…

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